Premier’s reception for Tate

Year 12 Tate certainly has a number of options in a bright future. The Premier Reading Challenge has challenged his intentions to pursue a career in Agriculture with accolades for his English skills and maybe his performance with Humphrey Bear might make him think about dancing as a third option. Check out his moves and the tropical appearances from inhabitants of Adelaide zoo.


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Young Writers Award

Neve from Year 8, won a University of New South Wales  (UNSW) medal. This medal acknowledges that she achieved the top score in Year 8 for South Australia and the Northern Territory in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) English test. What an amazing achievement!



Clint Jasper led a call to action for rural students to tell their story from the heart, divulge their passions and enter the Heywire competition run by ABC. He gave an insight into his background, his work as a journalist and his journey from country roots to the radio.

Heywire presentationHeywire