Humanities Coordinator’s Award

Mr Thompson has reintroduced the Humanities Coordinator’s Award.

The Humanities Coordinator’s Award will be given to any student recommended by a Humanities teacher for any of the following:

Excellence in a task, Exceptional contribution within a class, Having a go at a difficult task. Showing resilience. Showing improvement in work and or attitude in Humanities.

Excellence in achievement in Humanities this semester (Year 9) Ben Proeve, Charlotte Draper, Isabella Porcaro, Isobel Martin, Kahli Nissen, Katie Henthorn, Kiahna Herbert, Neve Corbett, Lauren Ward, Ruth Cope, Sophia Hamblen, Tarni Morris, Tenelle Simons

Excellent Effort Shown in the Medieval Research task (Year 8) Shay Christafilakis, Cameron Ferme, Lauren Rundle

Excellent Global Issues Research (Year9) Will Lanes, Sophia Hamblen, Kyanne Townsend, Aeden Magee, Kameron Blanksby

Excellent Participation in the Scenario Activity- Mock Jury  (Year 10 Law) Marie Brennan Pitt