I think I might be attracted to my own sex… I’m not sure about my gender identity… Mum, Dad… there’s something I want to tell you…

Sometimes it’s hard to know who you can talk to. Bfriend supports people coming out as LGBTIQ and is a great place to start a conversation about your sexuality and gender identity.

What is Bfriend?

Bfriend is a unique, free and confidential service offering support and a safe place to talk for people newly identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ), and for those questioning their sexuality or gender identity. They also offer support to friends and families.

What does Bfriend do?

Bfriend pairs newly identifying LGBTIQ people with trained volunteer mentors who provide peer support. They run training around LGBTIQ awareness and inclusion; support community members, groups and events through advocacy and promotion; work with the community to provide LGBTIQ safe spaces; and provide regular information updates about local LGBTIQ events.

How to contact Bfriend

Phone: 8202 5192 / 8202 5805



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