School-Based Apprenticeships

Hi All, Its Becki Palfreyman here. I am in year 12 and late last year I started a school based apprenticeship in Hairdressing.

What does this mean? I am working as a paid apprentice Hairdresser part time while completing my SACE. My apprenticeship will help me gain credits towards my SACE. I work on Fridays and go to trade school on Tuesdays and my school work/subjects fit around my school based apprenticeship. I am completing SACE my way that will benefit my future beyond school.

It is important to talk with your family and others about potential careers & to start researching the ones that may interest you. I started doing this early because I saw the importance of planning for my career to place me in the strongest position to achieve my career goals.

Why do this? Putting the time & effort into starting this process now will pay off down the track. Because I have done this I have created an amazing opportunity for myself.

I am getting a head start towards my career and doing something I am passionate about and this makes me happy. “Do what you love & love what you do”. “School based apprenticeships are awesome”.

For more info you can contact me or speak to Sam Ricci, Urrbrae’s Apprenticeship Broker located in the Skills Centre.



Sam Ricci Ph. 0439 812 742