Year 9 Food Sustainability Challenge

By 2050, there will be approximately 9.7 billion people in the world and from Tuesday to Friday of Week 2, all Year 9 students at Urrbrae studied the problem of sustainably feeding the future generations. There are roughly 24.3 million people in Australia, so think how many 9.7 billion is!

At the start of the course, all us Year 9s and our teachers were treated to two presentations by Sarah-Lena Reinhold and Annabel Jones from PIRSA about sustainable fishing and the conservation of the ocean before visiting the Waite campus to learn about the research being done there, and touring the school farm to look at sustainability initiatives there.

Students then considered solutions to the global food security problem and created a presentation or website about their chosen method of dealing with food sustainability in the future. At the end of the four day course, students presented to our classes. The presentations were put onto a school website, so everyone in the school can look at them. Please visit:

I think all of us Year 9s brought home the knowledge of what sustainability really is, and how we can improve the world; just start with our own little patch because every little helps.

We might think that one person can’t make a difference, but if enough “one person”s make the change, then we might just be on our way to a better future.

– K. Beaubois & F. Coventry